Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Pregnant Woman Threatens to Kill Fast Food Workers Over Burger

30-year-old Deidre Johnson went to the Carl’s Jr. to get some burgers. When she checked her order, she noticed she was missing one burger. She told the employees, and they apologized and started making her another burger. Deidre lost her patience and started yelling racial slurs at the employees and acting aggressively. At that point, employees asked her to leave, she kicked and slapped several employees trying to escort her out. Dustin Parratt was with Deidre, and he came into the restaurant and yelled at the employees, telling them Deidre was pregnant. The couple got in their minivan, but instead of leaving, Deidre drove her van into the group of employees that had escorted her out. Fortunately, not one was hit, but the employees noticed the minivan door was open and a child was inside. Deidre then backed up, to try hitting them again, and yelled that she was going to “get the gun” and kill them. Both Deidre and Dustin were arrested for disorderly conduct. Deidre says she was the victim:

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A Drunk Guy Bites His Friend’s Ear Off For Ruining His Scheme to Get Free Enchiladas

Never, ever get between a drunk person and a giant pile of Mexican food. A few friends were eating at a Mexican restaurant in Forney, Texas last week and one of them was drunk, and he started demanding free chicken enchiladas. It’s not clear if he could’ve convinced the restaurant to give them to him, maybe even just to shut him up. But his friend never gave him a chance and dragged him outside to calm down. Then they got into a fight, and the drunk guy bit off a huge chunk of his friend’s ear. The guy was rushed to the hospital, but there’s no word on whether the doctors were able to reattach his ear. And for some reason, he refused to press charges, so it looks like his buddy won’t be in any legal trouble. Get more here.


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