Stupid Is, Stupid Does

A Couple Is Caught Stealing 57 Blocks of Cheese From Walmart

21-year-old Joshua Caldwell of Chattanooga, Tennessee and his 21-year-old wife, Erika were busted shoplifting from a Walmart in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia last week. They stole 10 bottles of Tide detergent, some clothing, a candle, and 57 blocks of cheese. When the cops caught up with them, Joshua and Erika had tried to hide the cheese all over their car, in the floorboards, under the seats, and even in their baby’s diaper bag. They were both arrested for theft.  The cops say they don’t know exactly why Joshua and Erika needed so much cheese. Get the full story here.

A Woman Threatens to Blow Up a School After Her Daughter Fails a Test

This sounds like the calm, rational parenting style that’s so popular these days. A 15-year-old girl on Staten Island, New York failed a state exam last week, and her mother, 48-year-old Karen Shearon, was furious. Not at her daughter for failing the test, of course, parents don’t blame kids for that anymore.  Karen was furious at the school. So she called the guidance counselor on Tuesday, yelled at her, and told her, quote, “I am going to blow up the school.” Karen was arrested on Thursday morning for aggravated harassment.  She says she did not make that threat and her proof is that the school was never evacuated. Get the full story here.


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