Stupid Is, Stupid Does

A Guy Has a Meltdown After His Pet Pig Eats All His Weed

44-year-old Chad Spohn of Waterford, Ohio has a pet pig named Millie that he’s raised since she was a piglet.  And he clearly loves her, there are photos on his Facebook page of them cuddling together. But Chad and Millie got into their worst fight ever on Saturday, when Millie found Chad’s weed stash and ate all of it. So Chad promptly had a meltdown.  He was so angry he drank a bottle of Everclear, that’s 190-proof grain alcohol. His wife Heather called the cops and said Chad was threatening to hurt himself.  Yes, the guy with a pet pig and a weed obsession has a wife. But Chad fought with the cops when they showed up, so he was arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. At least he isn’t facing any drug charges, because Millie ate all the evidence. Get the full story here.

DUI Suspect Calls A Friend, He Drives Up And Police Arrest Him Too, For DUI

According to police, two cars were traveling south on Northeast 36th Avenue when one stopped for a passing train. The second car crashed into the back of the first, injuring a passenger in the front, who was taken to a hospital with minor injuries. An officer arrived and noted that the driver, Lloyd Ann Marston, 58, appeared to be intoxicated. She admitted to drinking and said she was coming from the Eagles Club. Marston and failed a field sobriety test. Before she was arrested, she called a friend for help. When the friend, Robert Lon Melton, 64, arrived the officials detected a strong odor of alcohol coming from his breath. Melton told them he had been drinking at the Fraternal Order of the Eagles Club. He also took a field sobriety exercise, and failed. Get the full story here.

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