SZA Unveils: The Thin Line Between Fame and Infamy

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SZA Opens Up About Her Troubled Relationship w/ Fame

SZA recently revealed how she feels about fame and thinks she is one scandal away from ‘being canceled.’ SZA said, “It’s all really fickle… Had the first three shows of my tour gone poorly, would the rest of my dates have been sold out? Would those people be outside waiting in line by the time we got to L.A.? No. All it takes is, what, three poorly shot TikTok videos to basically decide that this tour is not worth coming to see.”

She continued in the Elle Magazine interview, “I know that people don’t love me because love is really unconditional, and I’m one scandal away from being canceled indefinitely like anyone else.”

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She added, “I need time to prepare myself to be perceived…like, I need to mentally prepare. I need space and time.”

SZA continued, “Some people think that, like, me having anxiety or me being shy or struggling with self-esteem is an act. I’m just, deada*s, a person. Everybody else has feelings and fears. Why wouldn’t I be scared to be famous? Would you be scared to be famous? Because I’m famous, I’m not allowed to be scared? I wasn’t born famous. I had regular quiet-a*s parents from a small town like everybody else. And I guess at some point I’m supposed to acclimate to all of this?” Discover why SZA is a force to be reckoned with in the music scene by checking out the song rankings from “Ctrl”.

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