Taylor Swift: Vinyl Mispress | A Collision of Musical Worlds

Taylor Swift Vinyl Mix-up
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The Unforeseen Vinyl Mix-Up: Taylor Swift’s New Album

In an unexpected twist of events, a copy of Taylor Swift’s album, Speak Now (Taylor’s Version), was found to contain an erroneous pressing of an obscure electronica compilation. This compilation was led by Cabaret Voltaire’s track, “Soul Vine (70 Billion People)”. The discovery was made by a Swiftie named Rachel Hunter, who was left bewildered by the unexpected musical journey her vinyl record took her on.

The Mysterious Electronic Compilation

The compilation, titled Happy Land: A Compendium of Alternative Electronic Music From the British Isles 1992-1996, Vol. 1, was released by the label Above Board. It remains unclear whether more misprints are in circulation. Hunter’s TikTok followers were treated to snippets of these fringe oddities, their reactions ranging from horror to intrigue.

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The Unexpected Musical Encounter: Swift’s Vinyl Plays a Different Tune

When Hunter played her vinyl, the first track she heard was “True Romance,” a darkly pastoral techno track by Thunderhead the Word by Eden. Initially, she thought that the vinyl had some sort of special message, as Taylor Swift is known for such surprises. However, the voice in the track was saying strange things about flesh and anxiety, leading Hunter to describe the experience as weird. Flipping the vinyl over to Cabaret Voltaire only amplified the strangeness. Listen to the ill-fitting track below:

The Reaction from Above Board

Above Board’s curator, Ed Cartwright, and founder, Dan Hill, expressed their surprise at the mix-up. They described it as a massive collision of worlds, given the stark contrast between the music genres. Swift fans on TikTok have dubbed it ‘the cursed version’. Despite the initial shock, Hill expressed hope that the fans would enjoy their surprise mix of electronic music.

The Official Response: Addressing the Vinyl Mix-Up

Universal Music Group, the home of Swift’s label, Republic Records, acknowledged the existence of a limited number of incorrectly pressed vinyl copies. They assured everyone that they have addressed the issue.

The Final Verdict: An Unexpected Appreciation for Cabaret Voltaire

Despite initially finding it “so creepy,” Hunter has come around to the Cabaret Voltaire track. She even described the moment when the beat kicks in as a vibe, indicating an unexpected appreciation for the track.

In conclusion, this unexpected mix-up has taken Swifties on a unique musical journey, introducing them to a world of music they might not have discovered otherwise. It serves as a reminder of the unpredictable and exciting nature of music, where even a mispress can lead to a new musical discovery.

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