The Last VCRs Ever Will Be Made This Month – R.I.P.

The Last VCRs Ever Will Be Made This Month…

The Simpsons season 4 episode 11 moe szyslak drinking

There’s a company in Japan called Funai, and they’re the last company left in the world still producing VCRs. They make them in China, then ship them off to be sold under other brand names, like Sanyo.

Well, they just announced they’re going to stop producing them by the end of this month. And believe it or not, they sold 750,000 of ’em last year . . . but they still think it’s time to move on.

Remeber when VCR’s were over $200? I do. Hey – this was cutting edge technology!


When you tried to watch a movie only to get this warning, so you had to get up and go fiddle with the vcr:

vhs vcr picture glitch max capacityvcr 90s vhs tracking

When you recorded your favorite show and had to deal with this picture quality:

90s 80s cartoon vhs cartoons

Don’t forget the full 5 minutes it took to rewind a tape, and the fee Blockbuster charged if you didn’t…

vhs vcr rewind please rewind

Remember how they actually made a separate machine that existed soley to rewind your tapes.

We called it the rewinder… and it was a full 3 mintues faster.

vcr 80s vhs

Goodbye VCR, while we moved on long ago, we’ll miss you…





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