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Weekly Blend

This Week on Mix 105.1: Jon and Chantel Morning Show Highlights 🎧

What a week it has been at Mix 105.1! Our dynamic duo, Jon and Chantel, have had an incredible line-up of laughter-inducing and thought-provoking segments, leaving listeners on the edge of their seats. Let’s dive into the biggest moments of the week. 👇

The Uncomfortable Cuddle: A 2nd Date Update 🛌💔

We started the week with an intriguing 2nd Date Update that got everyone talking. One of our listeners had an interesting dilemma: their date got a little too comfortable during a movie-night-turned-cuddle-session. The result? A no-call-back situation that left our listener puzzled and seeking advice from Jon and Chantel. Tune in to see if they manage to resolve the awkward cuddle conundrum.

The Roommate Reveal: Another 2nd Date Update 💋👥

Just when you thought the dating world couldn’t get more complex, Jon and Chantel hit us with another head-spinning 2nd Date Update. This time, a listener had a perfect date ruined by a surprise twist involving a roommate. Grab some popcorn because you don’t want to miss out on this juicy date update.

Let’s Go Places: Adventure Time with Jon and Chantel 🏞️🌍

Mid-week, we switched gears to join Jon and Chantel on their exciting journey as part of the Let’s Go Places segment. This was the perfect opportunity for listeners to vicariously experience new and exciting destinations, inspiring wanderlust in us all. Stay tuned as they continue their exploration around the globe.

Chantel’s Roses: The Cards Told Me 🌹🔮

In another riveting installment of Chantel’s Roses, a listener suspects their partner is being unfaithful, all thanks to a tarot card reading. Chantel steps in to mediate the situation and reveal the truth. Are the cards always right? Only one way to find out!

The Language Barrier: The Final 2nd Date Update 🇮🇹💬

Lastly, we wrap up with yet another 2nd Date Update, where our listener finds themselves in a linguistic knot. After attempting to impress a date with their Italian skills, things didn’t quite go as planned. Tune in for some language lessons and plenty of laughs.

Stay Tuned for More 📻🎶

That’s it for this week’s roundup of the Jon and Chantel Morning Show. But don’t worry, there’s always more fun, drama, and adventure on the horizon. Stay tuned to Mix 105.1 for more entertaining segments and the hottest Top 40 hits! 🎉

And remember, whether you’re seeking advice, looking for a laugh, or want to jam out to some great music, Jon and Chantel and Mix 105.1 have you covered. Keep reading for more Mix news and updates from the radio world.


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Mix 105.1’s Weekly Spotlight: The Beat on the Street – 92.5 🎙🔥

Hello Mix 105.1 community! This week, we’re venturing off our Top 40 charts and heading towards the rhythmic vibes of our partner station – 92.5 The Beat. They’re breaking it down with classic hip-hop, RnB, and everything in between. If your playlist is yearning for throwback beats, lyrical genius, or fresh insights into hip-hop, The Beat is your go-to station. So, let’s dive into some highlights from their latest blog posts.

From the Bronx to the Global Stage: Hip-Hop Dance Evolution 💃🌎

Ever wondered how hip-hop dance evolved from the streets of the Bronx to the global stage? The Beat has you covered. This in-depth article charts the journey of this dynamic dance style, encapsulating its roots, cultural significance, and its transformative impact on the global dance scene.

West Coast Rap: Favorite Track Dives 🌴🎶

Those passionate about the golden era of hip-hop will relish in The Beat’s favorite West Coast rap tracks. This curated list is a nostalgic trip through iconic beats and poignant lyrics that defined this distinctive era. From Tupac Shakur to Snoop Dogg, these tracks capture the essence of West Coast rap, making it a must-read for any hip-hop aficionado.

The June Hip-Hop Album Classics 📀🗓

June has a history of blessing us with iconic hip-hop albums. The Beat provides an intriguing look into 10 classic hip-hop albums released in June. From Kanye West’s “Yeezus” to Kendrick Lamar’s “Section.80”, this post serves as a tribute to those legendary June releases that still resonate in the hip-hop universe.

The Echo of Tina Turner: Sampling the Queen in Hip-Hop 👑🎤

Sampling is a quintessential element of hip-hop music, often paying homage to music legends. The Beat explores the remarkable influence of ‘The Queen’, Tina Turner, and how her legendary music has been sampled in various hip-hop tracks. This tribute reveals how Turner’s music continues to inspire and shape the hip-hop genre.

Lyrical Warfare: Unpacking Rap’s Best Diss Tracks Ever 🎧🥊

Hip-hop isn’t just music; it’s a battleground of words. 92.5 The Beat unpacks some of the best diss tracks ever in rap, a testament to the genre’s lyrical prowess and the rivalries that push artists to their creative best.

Each of these articles offers a unique perspective on hip-hop, reflecting the depth and diversity of this influential genre. Whether you’re a long-time hip-hop fan or just starting to explore, 92.5 The Beat is your ticket to an authentic hip-hop experience.

As always, keep it locked to Mix 105.1 for your daily dose of the Top 40 hits, and for our fellow hip-hop heads, don’t forget to check out 92.5 The Beat. Until next week, keep the music playing! 🎵🎉

Mix 105.1 Weekly Digest: Swift Changes, Psychedelic Journeys, Donut Delights, and More! 🎙️

Welcome to this week’s edition of Mix 105.1 weekly roundup, where we ensure you stay in the loop with everything buzzing in the world of the Top 40 and beyond.

Taylor Swift and Matty Healy: It’s Over 💀

Our favorite pop sensation, Taylor Swift, and The 1975’s frontman, Matty Healy, have decided to part ways. With all eyes on what’s next for the stars, Swifties hope this life change could pave the way for some amazing new music. Read the full story here.

Drew Barrymore’s Psychedelic Adventure 🍄

From child star to Hollywood mainstay, Drew Barrymore never fails to surprise. This week, she invites us into her intriguing journey through the psychedelic realm. You won’t want to miss this wildly colorful and deeply personal account. Dive in here.

Local Flavor: Utah’s Ultimate Donut Guide 🍩

Foodies rejoice! We’ve put together the definitive guide to the best donuts in Utah. Whether you’re after the classic glazed or seeking something more adventurous, this guide has got you covered. Start planning your next sweet treat adventure here.

Unexpected Stage Moments: Taylor Swift’s Insect Interlude 🦋

Live performances always carry a potential for surprise, and Taylor Swift’s recent concert was no exception. The pop icon shared the stage with an unexpected, yet charming guest. Intrigued? Read the whole story here.

Food for Thought: The Summer Meal Gap 🍽️

The issue of food insecurity doesn’t take a summer vacation. Discover how you can help bridge the summer meal gap and make sure every Utah family has enough to eat this summer. Learn more here.

Celebrating Freedom: 34th Annual Utah Juneteenth Festival 🎉

Get ready to join the wave of freedom at the 34th Annual Utah Juneteenth Freedom Festival. Immerse yourself in a celebration of culture, history, and unity. Find more about the festival here.

Hollywood Gossip: Al Pacino’s DNA Demand 🍼

Hollywood legend Al Pacino demanded a DNA test from his baby mama in a rather unusual twist. What’s the story behind this demand? Find out all the juicy details here.

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