MJ loves consuming media, food, and taking long walks (beach not required) with his wife and dog. Music has always been a huge part of MJ’s life and he is passionate about Top 40, Alternative, and Hip-Hop genres. “My Mom used to tell me that someday I’d have a real job and wouldn’t be able to listen to the radio. I showed her!” -MJ Telling it like it has always been MJ’s MO. As a long-time student of Pop Culture, MJ is sure to have a take on the day’s events. Aside from being a music/media expert, MJ’s interests in science and politics allow him to come to subjects from many different viewpoints. Understanding that people seek positivity, MJ knows how to put a different kind of spin on all kinds of situations. To MJ, it’s very important to be very honest, and as useful as possible to listeners.

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