Jon And Chantel

Art is A Felony | Mix Morning Fix Podcast With Extras 09-20-2017

Justin is an expert at breaking and entering, we learn not to eat vegetables at Jon’s house, and Jackson shares his love of conspiracy theories.

Plus, how often should you go to the dentist? Jon says twice a year, Justin says annually. And find out how you can win a trip to see Harry Styles perform in Nashville, TN.


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Show Extras

I Can’t Even
Another “I Can’t Even Wednesday” prompted Mix listener Krystel, a first grade teacher, to send us the greatest elementary school blooper. (Warning: accidental cuss word ahead).

What else can you say other than I CAN’T EVEN!


Re-gifting Nightmares
We asked when you had been caught re-gifting or tossing a gift. You didn’t disappoint.

1. Cori and the Inescapable Waffle Maker 


2. Forrrrrreeeee!



3. Deja Vu: The feeling that you’ve been betrayed before


4. Oh, Holy Nightmare


5. I bet you said “please” and “thank you” like it was your job after that. 



Avril Lavigne is DEAD… Or, you know, just grown up. 
Today we learned that Jackson has a very strange obsession with conspiracy theories. One of his favorites? The theory that Avril Lavigne is actually dead and has been replaced by a body double.

Read the full theory here.


Jon’s Peas
After Jon’s “no more babies” surgery, he used frozen peas to keep “localized swelling” down.

Well, like some sort of savage, Jon put those peas back into the freezer. About a week later, his mother-in-law asks the family at dinner. “Are you all enjoying your peas?” “Sure,” replies everyone. “Good! I call them ‘Jon’s Peas'”

Yeah… she fed everyone vegetables from Jon’s groin boo-boo.

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