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Choose the news 6/2/17

It’s National Donut Day! Here’s How to Get Free Donuts

A bunch of donut places are giving out FREE DONUTS for National Donut Day today.  You can get a free donut at participating Krispy Kreme locations.  You don’t even have to buy anything.  (Find the closest participating location here.)

You can also get a free donut at Dunkin’ Donuts if you buy a drink.  (Check out a few more donut deals here.)

It’s not just a made-up holiday to sell donuts though.  The Salvation Army started it in 1938 to honor a group of women who handed out donuts to soldiers in World War One to boost morale.  So it goes back about 80 years.  Now you know.

(USA Today)

One Out of Three People Has Had Their Lunch Stolen at Work

I’m not sure what motivates someone to steal a coworker’s lunch out of the fridge.  Stealing one of their cookies?  Sure.  Taking pens off their desk?  Absolutely.  But eating their weird, pungent homemade egg salad sandwich?  Pass.

But according to a new survey, one out of THREE people say they’ve had someone steal their lunch at work.  And 16% say it’s happened to them within the last WEEK.

The survey also found 19% of us have gotten into an argument with a coworker for stealing stuff from them.

(Daily Mail)


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