Is Calling Rude People Out on Social Media Going Too Far?

We’ve all experienced rude or offensive behavior on the web, something about the relative anonymity makes people think it’s ok to treat people like crap.

This phenomenon is amplified by a million when it comes to online dating. We’ve all seen the Bye Felipe Facebook & Instagram pages. People go from friendly to psycho in a matter of minutes.

Merry Christmas! 🎅🏼

A photo posted by Bye Felipe 👋 (@byefelipe) on

Sadly, these examples are actually some the most inoffensive ones we could find.

So what do you do about it? Most of us just ignore it and move on. But some people are posting their conversations online, and NOT doing so anonymously. They’re tagging the person who was horrible to them, or giving their first and last name, pictures, numbers, or addresses. And the internet is unloading on these jerks, personally. One woman started sending the offensive threats to the guys mothers!

Now there’s no doubt that these people shouldn’t be talking to others like that, it’s incredibly disrespectful. But is releasing their info to the world TOO harsh a response?

What do you think?

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