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Jon & Chantel Talk with Idina Menzel!

Jon & Chantel talk wit the star of Frozen, Broadway’s Wicked and Rent, Idina Menzel! Idina has a new single out, from her new album Drama Queen.


Idina Menzel: A Journey Through Music, Film, and Philanthropy

Idina Menzel is a true multi-hyphenate, known for her exceptional talents in singing, acting, songwriting, and philanthropy. Her career has been a remarkable journey through various facets of the entertainment industry, from Broadway to blockbuster films. Recently, she’s ventured into the world of dance music with her electrifying project, “Drama Queen,” set to be released on August 18 via BMG.

The Multifaceted Career of Idina Menzel

Menzel’s rise to fame began with her portrayal of ‘Maureen’ in the renowned Broadway musical, “Rent.” However, it was her Tony Award-winning role as ‘Elphaba,’ the Wicked Witch of the West, in “Wicked” that propelled her to stardom. Her voice also brought life to the character ‘Elsa’ in Disney’s “Frozen,” a film that shattered box office records worldwide. The iconic song “Let It Go,” performed by Menzel, became a global sensation, earning her an Oscar and a Grammy.

Drama Queen: A Bold Departure in Idina’s Musical Journey

Idina’s latest project, “Drama Queen,” showcases a departure from her previous work. Teaming up with award-winning collaborators like Nile Rodgers, Justin Tranter, and Jake Shears, she dives into disco-infused beats and soaring anthems. American Songwriter aptly notes that “Menzel sings like the great dance and disco diva vocalists of the ’70s and ’80s.”

Collaborations with Musical Icons on Drama Queen

In “Drama Queen,” Menzel collaborates with music legends like Nile Rodgers and Justin Tranter, adding a touch of their brilliance to her already impressive repertoire. This fusion of talents promises a musical experience reminiscent of the greats like Cher and Celine Dion.

From ‘Wicked’ to ‘Frozen’: Idina Menzel’s Iconic Roles

Menzel’s career has seen her play iconic roles both on and off Broadway. She reprised her role as ‘Elsa’ in “Frozen 2,” the highest-grossing animated movie of all time. She also appeared in critically acclaimed films like “Enchanted,” “Rent,” and “Uncut Gems.” Her talent extends to writing and singing, as demonstrated in “Cinderella,” where she contributed the song “Dream Girl.”

Beyond the Spotlight: Idina Menzel’s Philanthropic Efforts

Idina Menzel’s philanthropic side shines through her co-founding of the A BroaderWay Foundation in 2010. This organization aims to empower girls from underserved communities through arts-centered programs, emphasizing self-esteem, leadership development, and personal achievement. In recognition of her charitable work, Menzel was honored as one of Variety’s “Power of Women” in 2014.

Idina Menzel’s journey is one of talent, versatility, and a deep commitment to making a positive impact through her art and philanthropy. Whether on Broadway, in blockbuster films, or in her charitable endeavors, she continues to inspire and entertain audiences worldwide.

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