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The Jon and Chantel Morning Show Chronicles 🎙

Another week, another set of wild tales from the Jon and Chantel Morning Show. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

Chantel’s Roses: The Forbidden Door 🚪

Ever been to your partner’s place and there’s that one door you’re told never to open? Chantel’s Roses dives into the mystery of the locked door and what secrets it might hold. Spoiler: It’s not Narnia.

The Britney Conundrum 🎤

Was freeing Britney a mistake or a moment of justice? Jon & Chantel revisit the 2021 movement and weigh in on the aftermath. Also, Chantel’s been nursing a migraine for 5 days. Someone send help!

The Toilet Fiasco 🚽

First dates can be nerve-wracking, but what happens when you clog the toilet? Dive into this cringe-worthy 2nd Date Update and find out if there’s any coming back from such a… messy situation.

The Scent of Suspicion 🌹

When Emily’s husband returns home with a mysterious perfume lingering on him, Chantel’s Roses is on the case. Whose scent is that, and what’s the story behind it?

Cinematic Perfection 🎬

What’s your 100% movie? Chantel’s all about “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”, while Jon’s heart belongs to “Tombstone”. Dive into their movie debate and see if your favorite made the cut.

The Speediest Date Ever ⏱

Ever been on a date that lasted just 10 minutes? Find out why one date ended in record time in this 2nd Date Update. Spoiler: It wasn’t because of a fire drill.

Detective Listeners on the Case 🔍

Turns out, our listeners are better detectives than we thought. One listener knows more about a certain Chantel’s Roses episode than anyone else. Intrigued? So were we.

Dreamy Warnings or Just Bad Dates? 💭

Do you listen when your subconscious tries to warn you about your date? Dive into this 2nd Date Update where dreams and reality collide.

Stay tuned for more tales, laughs, and unexpected twists from Jon and Chantel. Check out what else is going on around Mix 105.1 below. But first, sign up for our weekly newsletter!

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Another week has flown by, and we’re here to sprinkle some pop culture pixie dust on your day. Let’s dive into the juiciest stories of the week, shall we?

Jon’s School Unboxing Extravaganza 📦

Our very own Jon decided to hop on the unboxing trend. But instead of the latest tech gadget, he’s unboxing… school supplies. Riveting, right?

A Chilled Chat with Idina Menzel ❄️

Jon & Chantel had a heartwarming chat with the “Frozen” queen herself, Idina Menzel. Let it go? More like let’s go and listen!

Salt-N-Pepa’s Timeless Bond 🎤

Discover the secrets to success of the iconic duo, Salt-N-Pepa. Spoiler: It’s all about friendship and killer beats.

Ariana’s Decade of “Yours Truly” 🎂

Celebrate with Ariana Grande as she marks a decade since “Yours Truly.” Time flies when you’re hitting those high notes!

Overhyped Films: A Controversial Take 🎬

Dive into the 12 films that might not be as iconic as you think. “Avatar” overrated? Say it isn’t so!

Cheap Flights Alert! ✈️

Apparently, today’s the day to snag those holiday flight deals. Pack your bags and your sense of adventure!

Taylor’s New Spin on an Old Classic 🎵

Swifties, rejoice! Taylor Swift has reimagined “Look What You Made Me Do,” and it’s music to our ears.

Post Malone’s Billion-Stream Triumph 🏆

“White Iverson” by Post Malone has hit a billion streams on Spotify. That’s a lot of listens, and Allen Iverson is here for it!

Katy Perry’s Musical Candyland 🍭

Take a whimsical ride through Katy Perry’s top hits. From “Firework” to “Roar,” it’s a pop explosion!

Charli XCX’s Dazzling Drive 🚗

Hop in for a thrilling ride with Charli XCX in her new video for “Speed Drive,” part of the Barbie movie soundtrack.

Mix 105.1 Weekly Blog Post: A Glimpse into 92.5 The Beat 🎧

This week, we’re diving deep into the hip-hop and R&B realm, and trust us, it’s a journey you won’t want to miss. So, grab your headphones, and let’s get started!

A Utah Renaissance Led by David Davenchy 🎤

Dive into the world of musical artistry with Rawk The Mic, where the spotlight recently shone on the exceptionally talented David Davenchy. From his latest single “Ocean” to a sneak peek into his upcoming winter 2023 album, Davenchy’s artistry is a testament to Utah’s vibrant music scene.

Zac Ivie’s ‘Smoke’: A Musical Odyssey 🚬

Turn up the volume and immerse yourself in Zac Ivie’s world. From his latest single “Smoke” to his intriguing journey from farm roots to boxing rings, Ivie’s story is as captivating as his music.

Juvenile 400 Degreez: Setting Hip-Hop Ablaze 🔥

Step back in time and relive the revolution in hip-hop culture with Juvenile’s 400 Degreez. From iconic tracks like “Ha” and “Back That Azz Up” to the album’s profound impact on hip-hop, this is a deep dive you won’t want to miss.

Janelle Monáe: Embracing Authenticity with a Splash of Sass 💄

Join us as we explore Janelle Monáe’s fearless journey of self-expression. Monáe’s commitment to authenticity and liberation shines through from playful interactions with fans to bold performances.

That’s a wrap for this week! Stay tuned for more exciting insights from 92.5 The Beat next week. Until then, keep those beats pumping and the music flowing!

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