MJ’s Journey to Better Health – Week 2.5

healthy food

Okay so I finally got my stuff together and locked in my Planet Fitness membership this past week.

Now I know that to really push to lose the fat to win this competition, I’ll need to start lifting.  I’m just not there yet.  So I’ve been doing 2.5 – 3 miles a morning on the treadmill.

Love to put on my headphones and zone out too.  I’ve been going super early in the AM.  Like 5:30a early, before anyone or anything has annoyed me for the day.

Not getting the “runner’s high” yet or anything, but I’m not pushing too hard either.  I’m so out of shape that 2 flights of stairs gets me winded, so for now (and maybe these first 3-4 weeks), I’m just focusing on getting my heart rate up and raising my endurance.

But exercising is only one part of this equation.  I think they say that it’s like 25% exercise, and 75% of what you put in your body.

So I’ve been really good about breakfast after my workouts


Eggs and cheddar cheese: made by me and my eggs are delicious

Stuff like this, plus a protein shake have been my breakfasts.  The more protein I can pack in early in the day, the less I want to eat later on in the day.

Not saying I’ve been perfect though.  I’ve had my cheat moments, and, in each cheat moment, I haven’t thought to photograph it.  I’ll do a better job of documenting the failure in the coming weeks.

But here’s a snack that was mostly healthy:


Peppers and homemade ranch dip: me again

I munched on these bad boys while watching the Daytona 500.  This was the single healthiest thing I’ve done. Ever.

Despite any “cheating” I might be doing, my loving wife always gets me back on track for dinner with stuff like:


Salmon with dill cucumber sauce and creamed spinach: Mrs. MJ



Spicy Eggplant Parm: Mrs. MJ

So I’m keeping it delicious, and ramping up my fitness (courtesy of Planet Fitness)

Haven’t weighed myself since the last post, but I am already feeling healthier.

The toughest part so far?  Avoiding diet orange soda.  Diet orange soda is my FAVORITE!

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