Nick Cannon Calls Ariana Grande A WHAT?!?

Nick Cannon Spoke On His Friendship With Pete Davidson And Insulted Ariana Grande In The Same Breath

Nick Cannon, host of The Masked Singer, is currently filling in for Wendy Williams on The Wendy Williams Show. During yesterday’s show, Cannon took the opportunity to talk about his friend Pete Davidson and his current tabloid relationship with Kate Beckinsale.

Cannon, who was married to Mariah Carey who is older than him, said in the segment that he takes credit for telling Davidson to date “older women”. “Last night I was hanging out with my little brother Pete Davidson. We was in Brooklyn!”, Cannon commented on the show. “We were having cougar conversations. I said, ‘I taught that young boy well’.”

That’s all fine and good…except when Cannon went on to talk about Davidson’s relationship with Ariana Grande. Cannon went on to say that he told Davidson to “leave them little pop stars alone”, and then went on to joke about Ariana’s Japanese tattoo that she got to commemorate her hit song “7 Rings”.

Watch Nick Cannon’s commentary below:

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