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Ariana Grande’s Latest Surprise: eternal sunshine (Slightly Deluxe)

In an exciting turn of events for fans, Ariana Grande just dropped a new twist on her latest album. Dubbed eternal sunshine (Slightly Deluxe), this release comes hot on the heels of her seventh studio album, showing the pop sensation isn’t one to rest on her laurels. Released through Republic Records, this version adds more sunshine to what was already a hit. Listen to one of the new songs below.

What’s New in the Deluxe Edition?

Grande’s Slightly Deluxe edition isn’t just a rehash of the original. It packs four extra tracks that promise to deepen your experience of the album. Among the additions are ‘supernatural’ featuring Troye Sivan, an acoustic version of ‘imperfect for you’, ‘true story (acapella)’, and a special treat – the ‘yes, and? remix’ that sees Mariah Carey joining forces with Grande.

Breaking Records and Making Hits

eternal sunshine wasted no time making waves upon its initial release. It clinched the top spot on the charts and set a new record on Spotify as the most-streamed album in a single day for 2024. The album’s standout single, ‘yes, and?’, secured Grande her eighth number-one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 and marked her twenty-first Top 10 hit. This album, especially with its post-breakup themes, has clearly struck a chord with listeners worldwide, continuing Grande’s streak of delivering music that captures the hearts of her fans.



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