Ariana Grande Releases “yes, and?”

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Ariana Grande’s Latest Anthem: “yes, and?”

Ariana Grande Sidesteps the Drama with “yes,and?”

January’s been lit with major releases – think Miley Cyrus’ Flowers, The Weeknd’s Dawn FM, and Olivia Rodrigo’s “Drivers License.” These heavy hitters set a dynamic stage for Ariana Grande and her newest gem, “yes, and?” The song arrives at a spicy time for Grande, particularly against the backdrop of whispers surrounding her and ‘Wicked’ co-star Ethan Slater. Watch the music video below.

Ariana’s Anthem: “yes, and?” Explained

When it comes to turning adversity into art, Ariana Grande is in a league of her own. Grande’s skill in weaving complex situations into infectious tunes is far from new. Her fresh single, “yes, and?”, feels like a slick response to her recent media buzz. Borrowing from improv’s golden rule, the track fuses whimsical beats with incisive lyrics targeting her critics. The line “Why do you care so much whose ! I ride?” hits hard, showcasing Grande’s fierce, unapologetic vibe.

In the music video, Grande flips the script. The naysayers, depicted as gloomy critics, end up captivated by the track’s charm. It’s reminiscent of Madonna’s legendary Vogue era – Grande’s way of coaxing us to drown out the chatter and immerse in the rhythm.

Grande’s craft in navigating public scrutiny is more than just talent; it’s a reflection of her tenacity in the ever-shifting pop landscape. “yes, and?” isn’t just another song – it’s a bold declaration of defiance and self-confidence, a reminder that Ariana Grande remains in harmony with her artistry, controversy or not.

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