So Britney Spears Hit HERSELF in the Face???

Nobody’s going to be charged with hitting Britney Spears in the face, because nobody hit Britney in the face.

When Britney tried to get the attention of Spurs rookie Victor Wembanyama outside that Las Vegas restaurant, his security guy pushed Britney’s hand away from Victor, and into HER OWN face.

Police determined that he, quote, “did not willfully or unlawfully use force or violence” against Britney.

Here’s an interesting capper to the story:  After this happened, Britney went into the restaurant to eat . . . and booted Pauly Shore from his booth.  But it doesn’t sound like it was on purpose.

Pauly had already been seated at the restaurant, but when he got up to use the restroom, someone seated Britney at the same table.  When he came back, they both kind of laughed it off.

Then Pauly grabbed his phone, glasses, and fanny pack, and found another table.

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