Doja Cat Tops Spotify’s Rap Charts | “Paint the Town Red”

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Spotify Crowns Doja Cat’s “Paint the Town Red” as 2023’s Rap Sensation

“Paint the Town Red” by Doja Cat is making waves on Spotify for its catchy rhythm and its role in a growing genre debate. Chart Data recently announced that this dynamic track from RCA Records has become Spotify’s top rap song of 2023, boasting a staggering 730 million streams since its debut in August. Watch the music video for the song below.

Yet, amidst its streaming success, “Paint the Town Red” is at the center of a musical mystery. Is it truly a rap masterpiece, or does it lean more towards pop? This isn’t just a question among fans; the music industry is also intrigued. The Recording Academy, which often sets the standard for genre categories, nominated Doja Cat’s hit for Best Pop Solo Performance in the 2024 awards, suggesting a pop inclination. However, its popularity on Spotify’s rap charts tells a different story.

Doja Cat’s versatility shines through in her other tracks as well. Her song “Attention” has also garnered significant attention, earning nominations for Best Melodic Rap Performance and Best Rap Song. With over 105 million streams on Spotify, it cements Doja Cat’s credibility in the rap genre.

The big question remains: Is Doja Cat predominantly a rap or pop artist? Perhaps the answer is neither or both. Doja Cat transcends traditional genre boundaries, blending rap and pop elements to create a unique musical identity that challenges conventional classifications.

To sum up, Doja Cat’s “Paint the Town Red” is not just a chart-topper but a catalyst for a broader discussion about the fluid nature of music genres. Whether it’s categorized as rap, pop, or an innovative mix, one thing is clear – its impact on the music scene is undeniable, as is Doja Cat’s role in redefining musical boundaries.

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