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Kim Kardashian Wants You to Pay $2.99 A Month for her New Website & App

Kim Kardashian and her sisisters Khloe, Kendall and Kylie have all launched new websites and accompanying apps, they offer beauty tutorials, live streams, look breakdowns, and behind-the-scenes photos. Sounds great right? hold that thought, it’ll cost you $2.99/month just to access the content. One of Kim’s videos with  makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, teaches you how to contour like a Kardashian. There are literally thousands of contour tutorials on YouTube for free. Of course the Kardashians will offer things like near-nude photos from behind-the-scenes shoots, for those who have subscribed. Can’t afford to spend $2.99 a month trying to keep up with the Kardashians? Not to worry, some things are free, like Kim’s pregnancy diary. Get more here.


Justin Bieber Kicked Out of the Ring After Mayweather Fight

Justin Bieber ran into some ringside security guards at the Mayweather fight. He was trying to get to his BFF Floyd Mayweather Jr. to celebrate his victory.
Everyone knows Justin and Floyd are pals, but one security guard apparently missed Bieber walking into the ring with the champ. Justin was actually in the ring until police politely asked him to step out during post-fight ceremonies. The video begins as Bieber tries to get back in, only to have the guard shout “You wanna be escorted out in handcuffs, young man?” Justin calmly walked away and didn’t make an issue of the dis. Get more here.

Gary Busey Acted Weird During His”Dancing with the Stars” Interviews

The 21st season premiere of “Dancing with the Stars” was last night, and Gary Busey is one of the contestants. He danced the cha-cha-cha, and was typical Gary Busey afterward, which was pretty weird. When Gary walked over to talk to Tom for the interview he told Tom “When I’m talking to you, your left eye is spinning” He said he dances in the “cosmos of riddles.” But he also dedicated his dance to his late mother. The judges claim they were entertained by the routine and Gary scored higher than Kim Zolciak. Get more here.

 Arnold Schwarzenegger Will Take Over for Donald Trump on “Celebrity Apprentice”

Donald Trump went from reality TV to politics, and now, Arnold Schwarzenegger is going in the opposite direction. NBC has announced that Arnold is taking over for Trump on “Celebrity Apprentice” when it returns sometime during the 2016-2017 TV season. Trump actually approves of the new hire, which is surprising since his relationship with NBC is pretty bad these days. He Tweeted, quote, “Congrats to my friend [Arnold] . . . he’ll be great, and will raise lots of money for charity . . . to all my fans, sorry I couldn’t do [it] any longer . . . but [my] presidential run prohibits me from doing so. Love!” Arnold Tweeted, quote, “Wow. I’m blown away and honored by all your tweets. I can’t wait to bring my experience to the board room and raise millions for charity.” On Snapchat, Arnold said he can’t wait to say, “You’re fired! Or, you’re terminated! Or, you WON’T be back!” Of course, Arnold served two terms as Governor of California, from 2003 to 2011. The result of Trump’s political ambitions is yet to be determined. Get more here.

Nickelodeon Is Bringing Back Your Favorite ’90s Shows on “The Splat”

Some messages from a mysterious Twitter account have the Internet crawling with rumors that the Nickelodeon is bringing back your favorite 90’s shows on a brand new network. The account used to promote the midnight-to-4 a.m. block, which has aired repeats of classics such as Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Legends of the Hidden Temple, Guts and many more, began tweeting missives from Brooklyn’s ’90s fest over the weekend with the hashtag #TheSplatIsComing, teasing what many believe to be a brand-new channel that will air your favorite Nicktoons. There’s even a promo video on YouTube, featuring old Nick jingles over footage from Rugrats, Rocko’s Modern Life, Hey Arnold, Angry Beavers and more.

Disney Is Developing a New “Mary Poppins” Movie

Disney is developing another “Mary Poppins” movie, and fortunately, it’s not going to be a remake, it’ll be more like a sequel. It will be set in Depression-era London, 20 years after the original. “Entertainment Weekly” claims it’s not being developed as a sequel per se, but, quote, “It’ll explore Mary’s further adventures with the Banks family and beyond, as illustrated by P.L. Travers’ seven additional [‘Mary Poppins’] novels.” If you saw “Saving Mr. Banks”, you’d know that Disney really had to fight for the rights to the first movie and Travers did not want any animation in it. But she passed away 20 years ago, and Disney has cleared the sequel with her estate. Rob Marshall is directing it. He’s the guy who did “Into the Woods” and “Chicago”. There’s no word on any casting or a release date yet. For what it’s worth, “Variety” says that Anne Hathaway could make a perfect Mary Poppins. Julie Andrews played her in the original, and it’s conceivable that she could have a cameo in the new movie, but she’s also 79 now. As most of you know, Anne and Julie did the “Princess Diaries” movies together. Julie played her grandmother. Get more here.



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