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Kanye West Jokingly Auditioned for “American Idol”

“American Idol” filmed auditions in San Francisco over the weekend, and Kanye West showed up to surprise the judges, by fake-auditioning. He sang an a cappella version of his old song “Gold Digger”, and got a golden ticket to Hollywood.

Although he isn’t really going to the next round. And if you’ve heard him sing without Auto-Tune, you’d understand why. But he seemed to be having fun, and even smiled, a lot. Kim Kardashian posted a few photos, with the caption, “Surprise!” Get more here.

#Kanye auditioning for #AmericanIdol #WSHH A video posted by The Official #WSHH Page (@realwshh) on


Watch Charlie Sheen Get Forcibly Removed from a Bar

Here’s something you’d think we’d hear more often: Charlie Sheen was forcibly removed from a bar on Saturday night. He spent the day fishing, then hit up Hennessey’s Tavern in Dana Point, California. Four hours later he was hammered. He was being friendly and taking pictures with people, until one woman started shooting video of him. He slapped the phone out of her hand, and a bouncer wrapped him up and walked him out the door. Outside the bar, Charlie was still a little wound up, but he made sure to shake the hand of the guy who tossed him. Get more here.

Janet Jackson Has Earned Her Seventh #1 Album

Janet Jackson just earned her seventh #1 album. “Unbreakable” debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 chart after selling 116,000 copies in its first week. That gives her a #1 album in four different decades. The only women who have more #1 albums are Barbra Streisand and Madonna. Barbra has 10. Madonna has eight. Meanwhile, Tamar Braxton, debuted at #5 after selling 43,000 copies of her new album “Calling All Lovers”.  Get more here.

Shia LaBeouf Was Arrested for Public Intoxication

Shia LeBeouf was arrested last Thursday night for public intoxication in Austin, Texas. Witnesses say it all started when Shia and a woman tried to get into a bar, but were denied because they were too messed up. Shia started swearing and trying to force his way in, but someone blocked him, so they both left. Then he ran down the street and jaywalked in front of some cops. They told him to stop but he kept doing it . . . so they took him in. Police say Shia was a little belligerent and uncooperative, but they didn’t have to use force. He was released after posting bail, and yesterday he Tweeted this: “I talk, just not to you.” Get more here.


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