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Miley Cyrus Performed at James Franco’s Bar Mitzvah

Seth Rogen, and Funny or Die threw James Franco a bar mitzvah on Saturday, as part of their annual Hilarity for Charity variety show in Hollywood. Bar mitzvahs are coming-of-age ceremonies typically thrown for Jewish boys at age 13, James is 37, but never actually had a Bar Mitzvah, his mother is Jewish, but the family didn’t practice the faith. And they had to make it as outrageous as possible, so que Miley Cyrus! She wore a shimmering blue thong leotard, a giant blue Star of David and matching wristbands, as well as silver thigh-high platform boots. Things got a little crazy, as Miley sang “Shout” and Seth actually had to order people off the stage. Get more here.

Justin Timberlake Gushes About Jessica Biel During His Hall of Fame Speech

Justin Timberlake was inducted into the Memphis Music Hall of Fame on Saturday, and used his speech to say a bunch of embarrassing stuff about his wife Jessica Biel. He meant it in a good way, though. He says she’s not from the South, but she’s built like she is. Get more here.

WARNING: the video contains profanity.

Lamar Odom is Out of His Coma and Breathing on His Own

Lamar Odom is out of his coma and breathing on his own. E! News says he opened his eyes Friday, saw Khloe KARDASHIAN, said “Hey baby,” gave her a thumbs up, and went back to sleep. He was taken off the ventilator, and may be off dialysis, too. But he’s not necessarily out of the woods. He still needs tests to determine if there’s any mental and physical impairment. He’d been unconscious since being found in that state Tuesday at a Nevada brothel, and he suffered multiple strokes. But while everyone remains guarded, the improvements have been a welcome surprise. There are a lot of conflicting reports about his progress, but a source told “Us Weekly”, quote, “He’s getting better little by little. He’s slowly saying more words.” Meanwhile, Khloe still hasn’t left Lamar’s side. A source says she’s been sleeping in a pullout bed in his room, and takes his hand every time he wakes up. Get more here.


Tracy Morgan Returned to “SNL” and Larry David Played Bernie Sanders

Tracy Morgan returned to host “Saturday Night Live” this weekend. It was his first time back since the tragic car crash last year. Tracy’s monologue featured Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, Jane Krakowsi, and Jack McBrayer in a fake scene that was supposedly from a 2012 episode of “30 Rock”. His monologue also featured this joke, quote, “People are wondering, can he speak, does he have 100% mental capacity? But the truth is, I never did. I might actually be a few points higher now.”

The opening skit spoofed last week’s Democratic Debate. It featured Alec as Jim Webb, and it starred Larry David from “Curb Your Enthusiasm” as Bernie Sanders. His impression was spot-on.

Snoop Dogg’s Birthday Party Caught on Fire

Snoop Dogg celebrated his 44th birthday over the weekend at a place called the Heat Ultra Lounge. And it lived up to its name, because before things could get going, a chandelier broke out in flames. The fire reportedly began shortly before Snoop was supposed to take the stage. But the sprinklers soaked the place and everyone was evacuated. The party was canceled, but Snoop still has time for a do-over. His actual birthday isn’t until today. There’s no word what caused the fire. Get more here.



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