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Demi Lovato’s Tour Dumped Adam Lambert for Nick Jonas . . . and Demi Doesn’t Have a Long-Lost Twin Named Poot

Demi Lovato reportedly dumped Adam Lambert for Nick Jonas. Adam was originally going to open up for her on her world tour, but at the last minute, her people had Nick come in to take his place. Demi and Nick have the same management, and supposedly they wanted to get Nick out on the road, so they put him on Demi’s tour at Adam’s expense. Naturally, Adam can’t be happy, but he claims there’s no bad blood. He Tweeted, quote, “No beef between Demi, Nick, and me. Business negotiations are complex. Why do we care about the rumors?” Get more here.

Speaking of Demi . . . An oddly lit photo of her has given rise to a new Internet obsession: Demi’s long-lost twin sister “Poot Lovato.” Someone posted the photo on Tumblr, and said, quote, “Demi’s twin sister. She was locked in a basement her whole life. This picture was taken the first time she went outside. Her name is Poot.” This inspired a bunch of memes, including a fake Twitter account. Even though people are having fun with it, Demi does NOT seem amused. Get more here.

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Tyga & Kylie Got a $50k Dog

Tyga and Kylie got a really cute surprise gift, a merle tri English Bulldog puppy. The puppy was a gift from Jeremy Greene, who’s the CEO of PingTank, which is some sort of app that Kylie and Tyga “helped” with. Kylie already has two dogs, both miniature Greyhounds. The couple named the new pup Rolly, and posted cute video with the caption of “50k.” That’s all well and good, but lets not forget there are perfectly good dogs dying in shelters daily, consider adoption next time Kylie. Get more here.

Howie Mandel’s Son Filmed Him While He Was High on Drugs After an Endoscopy

Howie Mandel’s son filmed him while he was still high after an endoscopy. He talked about how he was ovulating. And when they tried to offer him juice, he joked that they were saying derogatory things about the ‘Jews.’ Everyone loves those waking up from anesthesia videos, it only gets better when it’s a celebrity. Get more here.

Jimmy Fallon Has Now Injured His Other Hand By Tripping Over “Some Random Girl”

Jimmy Fallon has suffered another freak hand injury, and now he has no hands that aren’t injured. Back in June, Jimmy had surgery on his left hand after he tripped, fell, and almost ripped a finger off when a ring he was wearing got caught on a table. And over the weekend, Jimmy was in Massachusetts to receive a Harvard Lampoon award. During the celebration, he tripped and fell while holding a bottle of Jagermeister. The bottle smashed, and he cut his hand. What happened, apparently, is that he tripped over a girl who kneeled in front of him as he was turning around. He went to the hospital, and had his hand bandaged up. But he was well enough to return to the party . . . and later, he posted a photo with the caption, quote, “Nothing that a few band aids couldn’t fix.” Get more here.



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