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Adele Will Perform at the 2016 Grammys

Adele just crushed every record ever, and now she’ll be preforming at the 2016 Grammy Awards, & she’s received zero nominations. But don’t worry, they didn’t snub her- her album “25” came out in November- which is outside the eligibility period for the Grammys. It’s safe to say she’ll take home a few more Grammys next year, her album sold more than 7.4 million copies, and that’s just in the U.S. Get more here.

Little Women of LA Brutal Bar Fight

Last week Little Women: L.A.” stars Christy McGinity Gibels and Terra Jole got into a brawl at a bar. Christy was hospitalized with a concussion, and now she’s pressing charges. She filed a report with the L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept. Tuesday, telling police that Terra Jole hit her with a heavy drinking glass. TMZ says the report was taken as “assault with a deadly weapon” and is being sent to investigators to decide if anyone should be arrested. Christy and Terra have a long history, check out this clip and get more here.

Tori Spelling is Being Sued by American Express

According to American Express Tori Spelling hasn’t made a payment on her outstanding balance of $37,981.97, since last summer. She tried to make a payment back in June, but it didn’t go though. Tori’s mom Candy says she doesn’t know why Tori hasn’t paid her balance saying “I don’t know, extravagance, I guess.” American Express is asking that the mom of four pay the entire balance, including interest, as soon as possible. Turns out Candy supports Tori, she told TMZ “I’m paying all her bills now. I’m not paying extras like that, I’m not paying any back payments,” she said. “Just for the house and the kids’ school and the food.” Get more here.

Weezer Is Jokingly Offering a $25,000 Deluxe Package

Weezerhas set up some pre-order options for their upcoming album, and it includes “bundles” that feature CDs, LPs, digital downloads, t-shirts, and hats that will run you anywhere from $10 to $65. But then there’s also a giant one. It’s called the “Experience Bundle,” and it features a private trip to the Galapagos Islands to go bird-watching and sightseeing with Rivers Cuomo. It also comes with two tickets to see them on their summer tour, a signed copy of the album, and the privilege of being named ‘King of the World’ for a day. This costs a cool 25 grand, plus, you also have to cover Rivers’ travel expenses. Just to be clear, this is a joke, although, it would be amusing to see what happens if some super rich person actually tries to buy it. Get more here.

Did Dr. Phil Illegally Detain 300 Employees?

Dr. Phil is being sued by a former employee who claims she was held against her will, while her boss tried to find out who leaked information to the media. Leah Rothman says that last March, she and 300 other employees were detained in a room together, with SECURITY GUARDS manning the doors, because Dr. Phil wanted to catch the rat. They also had to give up their cell phones. Rothman claims Dr. Phil was reading off cue cards, and saying things like, quote, “If you [eff] with me, I’ll [eff] with you.” The kicker is that she learned later on that Dr. Phil always knew who leaked the info, he was just trying to scare everyone else. She tried to talk to human resources about it, but they ignored her. She claims she was under so much emotional stress she had to quit several weeks later. She’s suing Dr. Phil, his production company, and CBS for false imprisonment, emotional distress, whistle blower retaliation, and wrongful termination. There’s no word how much money she wants.Get more here.

The Next Terminator Movie is Officially Off the Release Schedule

“Terminator: Genisys” only made $89 million in the U.S., and $440 million worldwide. So people were speculating that the follow-up they’d announced might not get made. And now it looks official. It was supposed to come out on May 19th, 2017, but Paramount has yanked it from that date. It’s being replaced in that slot by the “Baywatch” movie, starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Zac Efron, Alexandra Daddario, and Kelly Rohrbach. Get more here.



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