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Kim Kardashian Lashes Out at her Nude Selfie Haters

Kim posted a nude selfie, and for some reason, people were surprised. The selfie came just months after giving birth, but was actually a year old photo. Some celebs took issue with her post and told her how they felt. Chloe Grace Moretz, Bette Midler, and Piers Morgan all replied to Kim’s post:

And Kim shot right back at them:

Her responses led some to believe that Kanye had taken over Kim’s Twitter:

Yikes! We’re not sure why anyone was surprised by Kim’s post, but it makes for some good reading! Get more here.

Kelly Clarkson Says She Was Blackmailed Into Working with Dr. Luke

In the aftermath of the Kesha/Dr. Luke case last month, Kelly Clarkson Tweeted, quote, “Trying to not say anything since I can’t say anything nice about a person . . . so this is me not talking about Dr. Luke.” Now she’s talking about him a little more. In an interview on Australian radio, she called Luke, quote, “not a good person” and a liar, she also said he’s demeaning, and difficult to work with. She said her record label “blackmailed” her into working with him in 2004 and 2009. She said, quote, “They were like, ‘We will not put your album out if you don’t do this.’ It was a really hard time for me . . . We have a whole crew to support, and people depend on us for their livelihood, so sometimes you just have to make those decisions and swallow that pill.” She said she can’t really comment on the Kesha situation because she, quote, “wasn’t there for any of that” and that he “never did anything like that to me.” She’s talking about the allegations of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse. Get more here.

Erin Andrews Got $55 Million for Being Taped Nude

Erin Andrews was awarded $55 million over that nude video a man took of her at the Nashville Marriott in 2008. The jury decided that the Marriott was 49% guilty, and the pervert with the camera, Michael David Barrett, was 51% responsible. So the hotel was ordered to pay about $26 million, and Barrett is on the hook for around $28 million. Not that he’s got that kind of money. I guess this’ll have to be a moral victory for Erin. Of course, Barrett was already convicted and spent more than two years in prison. After the verdict, Erin Tweeted thanks to the court, the jury, her family and friends, her legal team, and even the people of Nashville. She added, quote, “I’ve been honored by all the support from victims around the world. Their outreach has helped me be able to stand up and hold accountable those whose job it is to protect everyone’s safety, security and privacy.” Get more here.

Katt Williams Sucker-Punched a Guy

Katt Williams goes off the rails, he goes all the way off. In just the last week or so, he’s been accused of scrapping with a guy on the streets of Los Angeles, punching a store clerk in Gainesville, Georgia, and holding five women at gunpoint in Atlanta. He also allegedly punched one of those women. And now there’s this: Katt was at a rap show in Philly Sunday night, where Beanie Sigel, Jadakiss, and Jahlil Beats were among the performers. Katt was acting erratically, jumping onstage, freestyling, doing pushups, and adopting a fight stance for no reason. Then he charged a guy who wasn’t even paying attention, and blasted him in the face with his forearm. Both of them went down, but Katt ended up staying down, because the victim’s friends stomped him. Nobody was arrested. Get more here.

Charlie Sheen and Whoopi Goldberg Will Star in a Movie About 9/11

Charlie Sheen and Whoopi Goldberg will star in a movie about five people who get trapped in an elevator in the World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001. The movie is called “Nine Eleven”, and it also stars Luis Guzman from the TV show “Code Black”, Wood Harris from “The Wire”, and Olga Fonda, who played Nadia Petrova on “The Vampire Diaries”. Charlie says, quote, “I feel deeply connected to the material and I’m so excited to be working with my dear friend Whoopi Goldberg.” Get more here.

Maria Sharapova Took a Substance Banned by Tennis

The world’s highest paid female athlete admitted Monday that she had been using Meldonium, a substance recently banned. Maria says she was unaware that the drug had been added to the list of banned substances and said “I take full responsibility for it.” Several other athletes across many sports have run into the same issue. Maria is temporarily suspended while the investigation continues, and her biggest sponser, Nike, has cut ties with her pending the results of the investigation as well. Get more here.

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