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Daisy Ridley Turns Down a Fan’s Formal Invitation, Because She’s Busy Saving the Universe

A Davidson College student named Kevin Carlock put together a video asking Daisy Ridley to be his date for his spring formal. There have been a lot of these recently, but he did the whole thing as a rap, and that was creative enough for it to go viral and get Daisy’s attention. Creative, yes. Talent, no.

She turned him down, but she does have a great excuse, you know, filming “Star Wars: Episode 8”. She posted a photo of herself holding a handwritten letter:

@kevincarlock your video made my day! Can’t believe I only just saw it! Thank you!!!

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Kevin responded with a similar post:

Good luck with VIII @daisyridley

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Maybe ask one of the lovely women attending college with you, dude. Get more here.

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are Producing an Awesome-Sounding Reality Show Called “The Runner”

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are producing a new reality show called “Runner”, and it actually sounds pretty awesome. A contestant will have to make it all the way across the country in 30 days, following a specific itinerary and hitting several checkpoints. But there will be eight, two-person teams called Chasers trying to run him or her down. To make things even harder, viewers can send tips in to the Chasers. There’s a $1 million prize for either the successful Runner, or the Chaser team that catches him or her. The catch is, the show won’t be on network or cable TV. It’ll be on Verizon’s go90 mobile TV network. You can register to be a Runner or a Chaser here.

Check Out Emma Watson’s Freestyle Feminist Rap

Emma Watson & Lin-Manuel Miranda (creator of and Emma’s co-star in the play Hamilton) sat down to do a video for International Women’s Day. Emma complimented Lin on his excellent freestyle skills, which she probably regrets now, because he told her he’d freestyle for her only if she did some beatboxing. Emma did it, but she was seriously embarrassed though. Get more here.


Todd Palin’s Injuries Are a Lot More Serious Than Sarah Said

Sarah Palin is updating everyone on her husband Todd’s condition, and his injuries sound a lot more serious than she initially let on. In her latest Facebook update, it sounds like he’s literally falling apart. She said he’s still in the ICU, and added

That sounds pretty wild, especially since she called the accident, “a little wreck on a snowmachine” and proceeded to make political speeches and appearances. How supportive… Get more here.

Katt Williams is Being Sued by a Woman Who Says He Beat Her

About 2 years ago a woman named Jamila Majesty says Katt Williams invited her to his home. When she arrived, there were several other women there, and one was reading from a book of witchcraft. When Jamila asked to use the restroom, Katt went off saying “No one uses my bathroom!” Then the other women started beating her. She claims it went on for 3 hours, and that she lost consciousness many times. She says Katt put a cigarette out on her face at one point. The fireplace was lit, and Jamila claims they were feeding “unusual things” to the fire, though she didn’t say what these things were. When she was able to leave, she was too scared to call 911, she says it’s because she was afraid of what he’d do to her. Katt’s people haven’t made a statement regarding the incident, so we’ll just have to wait and see on this one. Get more here.


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