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Justin Bieber Thinks People Hate on Him Because He’s Being Himself

If you filled Justin Bieber with truth serum, he’d tell you that he does care what people think of him. He’d say that he realizes a lot of people don’t think very highly of him, and that he thinks it’s totally unfair. We know this because alcohol can be a truth serum, and that’s what he said in a speech at a nightclub after-party on Sunday night. He grabbed the mic, and told the crowd, quote, “Maybe I’m drunk. Maybe I’m just speaking real [stuff]. But I feel like a lot of the reason why so many people hate on me is cause I’m just myself, I feel like if you just are yourself and are OK with being just yourself and making spontaneous decisions of just wearing whatever you wanna wear and doing whatever you wanna do, you’re gonna make bad decisions sometimes. But you ultimately wanna make good decisions.” Get more here.

Katy Perry is Doing a Duet with Dolly Parton!

Do you need two more reasons to watch next month’s ACMs? How about Dolly Parton and Katy Perry on the same stage, at the same time? It might be epic. Dolly announced yesterday that Katy will be presenting her with the Tex Ritter Award for her TV movie “Coat of Many Colors”. It’s given to a movie from the previous year that receives major exposure while showcasing country music. Katy’s also going to stick around and sing with Dolly. It’ll be the first time they’ve ever performed together. Here’s what Dolly said about it, quote, “Miss Katy Perry and I are gonna do some special things. She’s gonna present the award and we’re gonna sing some things together. We’re excited about that.” Get more here.

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