Stupid Is, Stupid Does

11-Year-Old Took a Cement Truck for an Hour Long Joyride

We don’t know his name, since he’s a minor, but he’s one audacious kid. An 11-year-old Minnesota boy saw an opportunity to live out his dreams in an idling cement truck. He hopped in and started driving, reaching speeds of 70 mph. It didn’t take long for the police to catch up with him, but he wasn’t stopping for anything. The chase continued for an hour, police placed stop sticks, which the kid just drove over. He kept going, ramming 2 police cars, destroying the tires, and ripping up the roads. Eventually, he went down a dead end and was caught. Neighbors were out in force recording the kid’s joyride. He was arrested and is being held in juvenile detention pending charges. Get more here.

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