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Katy Perry’s Left Shark Has Been Forever Immortalized With a Onesie

The “Dark Horse” singer, 30, has released a brand-new onesie on her website, designed to look just like the Left Shark that stole her Super Bowl 2015 halftime show. The Katy Perry “Left Shark Belovesie,” available exclusively on the pop princess’ merchandise site, is an all-over print hoodie jumpsuit inspired by the Internet-breaking backup dancer from Perry’s performance. It’s already available to pre-order for a cool $130. Perry is also selling the “Status T-Shirt” featuring the spastic sea creature in cartoon form, breaking it down, under the words “current mood.” The back of the tee reads “#leftshark.” Get the full story here.

Ellen DeGeneres Gave $10,000 to the People Behind That Dress Photo

Yesterday, Ellen had everyone involved in ‘The Dress” phenomenon on her show. The whole thing started thanks to the impending wedding of a Scottish couple named Grace MacPhee and Keir Johnson.  Grace’s mother was trying to pick out something to wear for the ceremony, so she sent Grace the picture of that dress. Immediately, they disagreed on the colors.  Mom was there, so obviously she knew it was blue and black.  (Yes, it really is.)  But Grace thought it was white and gold.  So she asked Keir, and he saw it as blue and black, too. They started showing the picture around, and after weeks of everybody arguing over the color, one of their friends posted it on Tumblr, where it went viral. Long story short, Ellen had them all on her show yesterday, and she gave Grace and Kier a honeymoon in Grenada and $10,000.  She also gave them all Ellen underwear that’s half blue and black, half white and gold. Get the full story here.


Adam Levine and Maroon 5 Were Awesome to a Fan with Down Syndrome

Adam Levine and Maroon 5 gave a 10-year-old fan with Down syndrome an experience he’ll never forget.  His name is Christopher Warner, and they gave him free tickets to a show in Washington, D.C. Monday night, AND backstage passes. And check this out . . . when Christopher first saw Adam, he was so excited he started having a panic attack, and laid down on the floor.  So Adam suggested everybody get on the floor with him. Get the full story here



Shia LaBeouf Has a Long Rattail Braid Now…

A day after Jared Leto kissed his glorious ombre locks goodbye, Shia LaBeouf was spotted out and about with a long braided rattail. It’s most likely an extension as, he didn’t have it a few week ago, and no ones hair grows that fast. The question now, is why?!. It’s probably for a movie, he is also sporting a new eyebrow piercing and gauged ears. Only time will tell…. Get the full story here.

Is Chris Brown The Father To A 9-Month-Old Baby Girl?

There are reports circulating that, despite all of his years of trouble, Chris Brown is a father. Chris apparently has a nine-month-old daughter with a 31-year-old model friend named Nia. We don’t know too much about the whole situation yet, but we do know that Chris and Nia have a good relationship together and are not romantically involved at the moment. Of course this is all hearsay, but we can’t say we’d be surprised by this news. Get the full story here.

‘Sharknado 3′ Production Shut Down by Labor Strike

“Sharknado 3″ has just been hit by another kind of storm. The third installment of Syfy’s camp-tastic disaster movie series shut down production on Tuesday morning, after the film’s crew voted to strike for an IATSE union contract, the Motion Picture Editors Guild said on Twitter. The striking workers, 30 to 40 in number, are asking for benefits, along with standardized wages and working conditions. The previous production “Sharknado 2:,” had been unionized. Get the full story here.

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