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Taylor Swift Calls Out Princeton Review SAT Test Prep For Misquoting Her Lyrics

The Princeton Review attempted to call out Taylor Swift to teach students about bad grammar but ended up getting schooled instead. Swift’s lyric in question is from her song “Fifteen” and reads: “Somebody tells you they love you, you got to believe ‘em.” Which is fine, except that those aren’t the right lyrics. Instead, the test prep should have printed, “Somebody tells you they love you, you’re gonna believe them.” After a fan called out the fail to Swift, the singer perfectly schooled the company on her Tumblr.  “Not the right lyrics at all pssshhhh. You had one job, test people,” she wrote. “One job.” Get the full story here.


Angelina Jolie Has Surgery to Remove Ovaries, Fallopian Tubes After Terrifying Cancer Scare

Angelina Jolie has undergone surgery to remove her ovaries and fallopian tubes, causing her to enter menopause, after a terrifying cancer scare. The actress, director and U.N. envoy (who underwent a preventative mastectomy in 2013) wrote a frank and moving op-ed piece in Tuesday, March 24’s New York Times in which she described the horrifying moment a doctor called to say her yearly cancer-screening blood test showed inflammatory markers which could be a sign of early ovarian cancer. Jolie is keen to point out that her decision is not solely due to the fact she carries a BRCA1 gene mutation and advises other women in a similar situation to her, that there are alternatives to a “leap to surgery.” Get the full story here.

David Hasselhoff Assures Fans: Sharknado 3 is The Worst

“I had so much fun making the movie,” The Hoff told HuffPost Live on Monday. Sharknado’s third installment will have much more of the camp and sight gags its predecessors were known for. “It’s the worst movie you have ever seen,” the Hoff hinted. David is appearing in the Syfy made-for-TV movie as the father of Ziering’s character, Finn Sheperd, Hasselhoff says his time on set was an utter delight. “The people making the movie have the best sense of humor. Everybody’s in on the joke,” Get the full story here.

Did Mila Kunis Just Reveal That She And Ashton Have Tied the Knot?

On Monday, James Corden took over as host of the CBS late-night talk show, where he interviewed guests Mila Kunis and Tom Hanks. Corden — who took over the show from the Scottish-born presenter Craig Ferguson, has proved a charming host. He maybe even managed to get a scoop out of Kunis, who has been engaged to actor Ashton Kutcher since early 2014. When asked point-blank by Corden if she had gotten married, Kunis replied with a coy “maybe.” For his part, Corden took the reply as a confirmation: “That’s a yes as far as I’m concerned.” Get the full story here.

Vin Diesel Names Newborn Baby Daughter Pauline, After Paul Walker

Vin Diesel honored his late friend Paul Walker in a huge way, the Furious 7 actor revealed on the Today show on Monday. Diesel and model Jimenez, 31, are already the parents to daughter Hania, 6, and son Vincent, 4. The action star lost his close friend and costar in November 2013, when Walker died in a tragic car crash at the age of 40. Next month, the late star will make his final appearance in the Fast & Furious franchise, when Furious 7 hits theaters.  Walker was in the middle of the filming schedule for his Furious 7 scenes before his untimely death, and his brothers Cody and Caleb stepped in to finish his work. Get the full story here.

Justin Bieber Shows Off New Fur Baby, Esther

The Bieb’s beloved dog Sammy passed away in December, and after a few months mourning he’s decided to love a pup again. He made the announcement on Instagram “Say hello to the newest member of the bieber family #Ester” Appropriately, Thursday was International Puppy Day.

Say hello to the newest member of the bieber family #Esther

A photo posted by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

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