Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Diner Released Rat in Restaurant to Avoid Paying a $10.79 Bill

Christopher Baker, 28, ordered a meal from the Borneo Bistro in the UK and sat down to eat alone, before pulling the pet rodent from his pocket, releasing it onto the floor and demanding a refund. Embarrassed waiters apologized and handed over the £7.25 ($10.79 USD) but when pest control examined the creature they found it had the appearance of a domestic pet, and had recently ‘had a haircut’. Bistro owner Kevin Smith then checked the restaurant’s CCTV and spotted Baker producing the rat and putting it on the floor. Baker, of Houghton, Sunderland later admitted fraud by false representation, and was ordered to pay the restaurant the £7.25 back in compensation, as well as a £60 victim surcharge. The Owner of the restaurant may have over reacted by saying: ‘People like him deserve the death penalty.’ Get the full story here.

Man Holds “Bike Theif” at Gunpoint, Only to Find Out the Man was Actually the Victim

A video of a man detaining another man at gunpoint along a busy SLC street was going viral online Monday. When officers arrived on scene near the intersection of 900 West and North Temple on March 17, they didn’t seem to be concerned with the man pointing the gun, who was seen on the video lowering his weapon and walking back to a car. Sgt. Robin Heiden said officers knew the man with the gun from past dealings as a security guard at a nearby Rite Aid. The security guard, Heiden said, was initially following a suspected shoplifter when he observed what he believed was an aggravated assault in progress. “He saw a male with a knife kick a bicycle with another male on it, and then brandish a knife,” Heiden said. The security guard pulled a gun on the man with the knife and got him to get down on the ground. The man with a knife, Heiden said, ended up being a victim too. “On the other side of the story, the male that had the knife — his bike was stolen,” Heiden explained. “He was looking for his bike and he found his bike.” Get the full story here.


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