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Justin Bieber Cut off His Dreads &Threw a Party for Dad

As far as we know the two events are unreleated, but we can totally see Justin’s dad telling him to shave that stupid hair. Justin made headlines when he popped up with dreads a few weeks ago, most people hated them. Well he shaved them off! Now he looks like this:

Soooooo hungover I feel like shit

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Seems Justin figured out that no one liked the do. Here he is last week talking about a fan who voiced her dislike:

Being weird is fun’ if u r not weird I don’t like you

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Justin’s dad Jeremy is recently engaged to his longtime girlfriend Chelsea Rebelo, and to celebrate Justin threw them a giant party. The party included an art show, superheros, and a live tiger. Good/Bad news: he was not mauled. Justin also performed for the crowd, check that out here.

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O-Town’s Tour Requests are Hilarious

A tour rider is the bands home away from home, so it’s only fair that they bring with them the comforts of home. Or in O-Town’s case the comforts of a home in 1999. According to TMZ, the band has requested a boom box to play their cassette collection, an N64 to play James Bond: GoldenEye (that one is actually awesome), silly string, back scratchers, and weirdly, cat supplies. Apparently the band takes in stray cats while on tour. If you’re having trouble remembering O-Town, check out this gem:

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Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan Won a Daytime Emmy

The Daytime Emmy winners were announced yesterday, and guess who got a trophy? Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan. They won Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show Hosts for the second year in a row. Neither one of them were at the ceremony, but they were never scheduled to be there in the first place. They beat out Wendy Williams and the ladies of “The View”, “The Real”, and “The Talk”. Meanwhile, on Friday’s “Live!”, Kelly asked for Michael’s take on a story about divorce, because he’s been divorced. Some people think she went off-script and blindsided him, but if you watch the video, there’s really nothing there. Get more here.

Will Ferrell Has Backed Out of the Ronald Reagan Alzheimer’s Comedy

This was probably a wise move: Will Ferrell has backed out of a comedy where he was going to play Ronald Reagan with Alzheimer’s disease. The movie would take place in Reagan’s second term. Dementia is starting to set in, so his people decide to convince him he’s an actor playing the president in a movie. The announcement caused a pretty immediate uproar. Reagan’s kids even spoke out against it. On Friday’ Will’s rep announced that he’s no longer pursuing it, although he said that it’s, quote, “by no means an ‘Alzheimer’s comedy,’ as has been suggested.” Get more here.

Warren G Sang ‘Take Me Out To The Ball Game’ at Wrigley Field

It’s tradition to lead the crowd in a rousing round of ‘Take Me Out To The Ball Game’ during the seventh inning stretch. And it’s not uncommon to have special guests lead the crowd. Well during Friday’s Chicago Cubs game, Warren G was given that honor. Music is his thing, right? Well, that didn’t come across in this situation. It’s being called interesting at best and atrocious at worst, you be the judge. See the video here.

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