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Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift Have Broken Up

Congratulations, Calvin Harris, you have just become the subject of Taylor Swift’s next album! We all know what that means, right, people? Yes, Taylor and Calvin broke up last week after 15 months together, and the word is, he did the dumping. A source says things just kind of fizzled out, so Calvin ended it. But Taylor is pretty upset because she stuck by him when he had his car accident last month. Calvin’s right ear is still messed up from the accident, by the way. Calvin and Taylor met in February of 2015, through Ellie Goulding. He’s 32, she’s 26. Get more here.

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Shaq Goes Undercover as a Lyft Driver

First of all, how does Shaquille O’Neal go under cover? The dude is over 7 feet tall, weighs 344 lbs, and oh yeah, he’s super famous! Either these people are good actors, or they targeted people with an extreme aversion to sports. Either way, it’s funny. He has on a series of ridiculous wigs, that don’t look like anything that could possibly grow out of a human head. And goes through many costume changes, names, and accents. He even asks questions about basketball and gives people some tips. Some people caught on, and some didn’t, but all managed to keep their cool. Get more here.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Got Charged By an Elephant

Arnold was vacationing in South Africa, obviously he’s going to try to see the amazing wildlife there. Well, they got a little too close. They were closing in on a male elephant with Tusks till next Tuesday, and he wasn’t having it. Of course, this is all on camera! You know if Arnold is scared, it’s a big deal. Get more here.

Warning: Arnold says a swear.

You Can Buy Zac Efron’s Jockstrap From Dirty Grandpa

If you saw Dirty Grandpa, first of all; we’re sorry, secondly; you can buy that hornet jock strap Zac ends up in at some point. The website “propstore” has the strap up for auction. The bid as of this morning was $300, with only 21 bids so far. The strap has minimal wear and tear, and is slightly dirty “from storage.” So if you need something that’s been reeeaal close to Zac Efron, this is for you. Get more here.

A Ninja Turtle & Son of Anarchy Saved a Man’s Life

Tommy Flanagan from “Sons of Anarchy”, and Alan Ritchson of “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” were carpooling to the Houston airport after a comic con event. When they saw a truck blow a tire, in a bad way, the vehicle flipped across traffic. The guys headed straight to the scene, jumped out of their car and ran to help. There were two passengers, one was awake and his brother was unconscious and still in the truck. Tommy and Alan used a crowbar to get him out, and their driver, who is a veteran, provided medical attention until paramedics arrived. The truck went up in flames just moments after they freed the man. Real life heroes, Tommy & Alan. Get more here.

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