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Olivia Rodrigo Triumphs with “Obsessed” Video Premiere

Pop powerhouse Olivia Rodrigo unleashed the music video for “Obsessed,” a striking track from her newly expanded album, GUTS (SPILLED). This enhancement of her second album presents Rodrigo as a singer and as the master of ceremonies in a captivating beauty pageant setting. Directed by Mitch Ryan, the video artfully navigates Rodrigo’s complex emotions of envy and admiration toward her partner’s ex. Watch the video below.


A Confluence of Musical Geniuses

“Obsessed” stands out for its engaging narrative and the collaborative genius behind its creation. Rodrigo co-wrote the song with the renowned Annie Clark, also known as St. Vincent, and her collaborator Dan Nigro. This trio has crafted a song that resonates with Rodrigo’s fans for its authenticity and relatability, wrapped in the catchy melodies that have become her signature.

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GUTS (SPILLED): More Than Just an Album

Released on March 22, GUTS (SPILLED) is not just an album—it’s a comprehensive musical journey. With the inclusion of four additional tracks that didn’t appear on the original GUTS LP—”Girl I’ve Always Been,” “Scared of My Guitar,” “Stranger,” and “So American”—Rodrigo offers her audience a deeper dive into her musical and emotional landscape. Each song serves as a new chapter in Rodrigo’s evolving narrative, further cementing her status as a dynamic force in contemporary pop music.


The Impact of “Obsessed”

The “Obsessed” video does more than just accompany the song; it amplifies its themes of jealousy and self-reflection through a visually arresting beauty pageant metaphor. Rodrigo’s portrayal of a host caught in the web of her insecurities provides a raw and honest look at the challenges of personal growth and self-acceptance. This creative approach highlights her artistic maturity and solidifies her connection with her audience, who see their own struggles reflected in her music.

In essence, Olivia Rodrigo’s “Obsessed” and the expanded album GUTS (SPILLED) marks a significant milestone in her career. By collaborating with industry veterans like Annie Clark and Dan Nigro, Rodrigo continues to redefine the boundaries of pop music, offering her fans a deeper, more nuanced exploration of the themes that define our times. Her ability to blend personal storytelling with universal themes ensures that her music will resonate with audiences for years to come.

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