Stupid Is, Stupid Does

A County Prosecutor Pulled a Gun Because His Coworkers Put Up Fake Spiders For Halloween

Chris White is an assistant prosecutor for Logan County, West Virginia. Apparently he also suffers from arachnophobia, and it’s a powerful enough fear that it made him forget everything he knows about what is and isn’t legal. Some of the secretaries were decorating the office for Halloween earlier this month and they put up a bunch of fake spiders. When Chris got in and saw them, he flipped out. He told them it wasn’t funny, they needed to take the spiders down, and then he pulled out his gun. He didn’t point it at any of his coworkers, the clip wasn’t in, and he said he was only going to shoot the spiders, but naturally, everyone was pretty freaked out. Chris was suspended indefinitely on Wednesday, but the county prosecutor says he’s not planning on firing him. Quote, “He’s been [here] five years and we haven’t had any incidents like this . . . it’s certainly out of the ordinary.” He could face charges, though, there’s still an open police investigation. Get more here.






feature image by Bailey Weaver

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