Stupid Is, Stupid Does

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A Woman Stabbed Her Boyfriend For Eating All the Salsa

50-year-old Phyllis Jefferson of Akron, Ohio was with her 61-year-old boyfriend Ronnie Buckner on Sunday night, and he was eating salsa, apparently a lot of it. So Phyllis told him to stop eating all their salsa.  And when he kept going, she grabbed a pen and stabbed him in his left thigh. Then she knocked over their TV, and when he went to catch it, she stabbed him in the stomach with a kitchen knife. She tried to drive away, but the cops caught her and arrested her for felony assault. Get the full story here.

Drunk Driver Plows into a Salt Lake City Home

Mario Gutierrez awoke to a loud crash early Monday morning, when he went to investigate, he was stunned by what he saw. “The engine was just humming real loud,” said Gutierrez. It was a pickup truck with the driver appearing to be unconscious in the front seat. “I slapped him hard trying to wake him up,” said Gutierrez. “We are all very lucky but a few inches in another direction and he would have hit the wall that leads to my bedroom,” he said. According to a booking statement filed by police the driver, Bernabe Urcino “admitted to drinking two 18 packs of beer last night and taking cocaine.” Urcino was booked into the Salt Lake County jail for DUI impairment of drugs or alcohol, negligent collision and having no drivers license. Get the full story here.


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