Stupid Is, Stupid Does

A Woman Stabs Her Husband in the Chest for Not Buying Her Donuts

We take our sugary breakfasts very seriously. And this should go without saying, but any type of donut is always better than no donut at all. A 37-year-old woman named Michelle Nelson sent her husband Timothy out to get donuts last Friday in New Albany, Indiana, just outside Louisville, Kentucky. But the place was out of the kind she usually gets, so he came home with nothing. And she was so angry, she stabbed him in the chest with a barbecue fork. Apparently it was deep enough that it stuck in his chest, and he had to pull it out. And cops found him across the street, leaning against a tree with a blood-soaked t-shirt. There’s no word on what type of donut Michelle was expecting. But she told police that they’ve been married for several years, so he should have known what her second favorite type was. She’s facing charges for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. Get more here.

Man Socked to be Arrested After Trying to Run Over His Neighbor & Raming a Police Car

David J. Calder owns a window tint business in West Valley, and on Tuesday, he drove his car through the bay door of his business. David was inside the business when he decided to drive his SUV through the garage door. He then attempted to run over the man in the neighboring business, but fortunately missed. Police started recieving calls reporting a reckless driver.When police found and attempted to stop David, he refusted to pull over. At one point during the pursuit David ended up in the parking lot of the West Valley Police Department. David then then put his SUV in reverse and rammed the police cruiser behind him. The officer wasn’t injured and continued the pursuit. A witness called 911 and  pulled over to get out of harms way, but David rammed their car too. They were able to stop the vehicle and ordered David out by gunpoint. David was clearly on drugs police found narcotics on him, and a loaded shotgun in his SUV. Officer Vainuku said “He refused medical treatment because he said officials were not real members of the fire department.” He’s facing charges of fleeing, aggravated assault on a police officer, possession of a controlled substance & hit and run. Get more here.


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