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Charli XCX Drops ‘Brat’ Album Sneak-Peek

Charli XCX
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Charli XCX Unveils Brat Album Details and Drops Fresh Tracks “Club Classics” and “B2B”

Charli XCX is setting the stage for the summer with the announcement of her new album, Brat, set to electrify fans on June 7. Building anticipation, she’s released two pulsating singles, “Club Classics” and “B2B,” that will dominate dancefloors everywhere. Listen below.

From Clubs to Charts: The Evolution of Charli XCX

With a career that has consistently blurred the lines between pop and underground club culture, Charli XCX’s latest offerings are a testament to her dance music roots. Following the success of her previous album, Crash, Charli is poised to take listeners on another euphoric journey with Brat. “I was born to make dance music.. I came from the clubs.. xcx6 is the album I’ve always wanted to make,” she shared upon announcing the album. This statement underscores her deep connection to the dance music scene and her ambition to create an album that resonates with both her origins and her evolution as an artist.

The Road to Brat: Singles, Remixes, and Live Shows

Leading the charge to the album’s release was the single “Von Dutch,” a nod to early 2000s fashion trends, which dropped in February and was later accompanied by a remix featuring Addison Rae and A. G. Cook. This blend of nostalgia and modernity is a hallmark of Charli’s music, making each release an exciting event in the pop music landscape.

What to Expect from Brat

If “Club Classics” and “B2B” are any indication, Brat will stand out in Charli XCX’s discography. These tracks capture the essence of a night out, filled with energy, excitement, and the kind of beats that compel you to dance. They signal a return to Charli’s club music roots, infused with the pop sensibility that has made her a standout artist in the genre.

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Charli XCX has consistently pushed the boundaries of pop music, and Brat promises to be another thrilling chapter in her ever-evolving story. So, mark your calendars for June 7 and get ready to dance the summer away with Charli XCX’s latest sonic adventure.



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