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Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are Probably Dating

Justin Bieber made it pretty clear that he’s more than friends with model Hailey Baldwin by posting a picture of them making out yesterday. He also posted a picture of the two of them all dressed up on a couch. They’ve been spending the New Year in St. Barts.


Hailey is the 19-year-old daughter of “Bio-Dome” superstar Stephen Baldwin. She also posted a couple snaps to her Instagram of them hanging all over each other. Get more here.


Chris Brown is Accused of Punching Another Woman

Chris Brown has been accused of punching a woman in Las Vegas this weekend. The woman’s name is Liziane Gutierrez. She says she was at a party Chris threw in a hotel room Friday night. Early Saturday morning, she tried to take a picture of Chris with her phone, and he beat her up and took it. Then he had her tossed from the room. She posted a picture of what looks like a small bruise under her eye. A rep for Chris says he never touched Liziane, she was booted from the party for being out of control, and just wants revenge. Police are investigating, but they haven’t had a chance to talk to Chris yet. Chris posted a video saying Liziane is just looking for a payday. He added, quote, “I don’t know this old-lookin’ [B-word] . . . she probably came into my room and was too ugly to get in.” He deleted it, but TMZ was able to grab it before it disappeared. Get more here.

WARNING: Video Contains Profanity!

There’s a George Costanza-Themed Bar in Australia

It’s been over 16 years since “Seinfeld” went off the air, but the show’s still a part of pop culture, even in Australia. A George Costanza-themed bar opened in Melbourne on New Year’s Eve. It’s called George’s Bar, and it includes menu items with George-themed names like The Art Vandalay, The Summer of George, and Marisa Tomei. The front doors have two of George’s quotes: “‘It’s not a lie if you believe it,’ and ‘Everyone must like me. I must be liked.'” Jason Alexander isn’t involved, but he’s heard about it. See his tweet on the subject, below. Get more here.

A Drunk Don Lemon Gave Kathy Griffin an Inappropriate Compliment

CNN anchor Don Lemon got his drink on while hosting CNN’s New Years Eve broadcast, live from New Orleans with Brooke Baldwin. While talking to fellow CNN hosts in New York, Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin, Don made a comment that shocked a lot of viewers. Earlier in the broadcast Kathy took her coat and shirt off and walked around in her bra, after seeing that Don weighed in on Kathy’s goods: “I have to say Kathy… I have to say… nice rack, I didn’t know you had all of that.” Brooke Baldwin tried to take his microphone away and said she was cutting him off. Kathy didn’t seem bothered by the comment and even thanked Don, but the internet gave him a lot of flack for it. Get more here.

Colombians Upset About Miss Universe Burned a Dummy of Steve Harvey

A couple weeks ago, Steve Harvey made a huge mistake while hosting the Miss Universe pageant. He announced Miss Colombia as the winner, but then had to take it back, because the real winner was Miss Philippines. Well apparently, Colombia is still upset about it, because during a New Year’s Eve celebration, some locals burned a dummy of Steve. And another one of the actual winner, Miss Philippines. The burning of effigies in Latin America is done to try to ward off bad luck in the coming year. So it’s a pretty common thing to do, although it’s amusing that they were so affected by the Miss Universe debacle to make one of Steve. In fact, one of the men involved apologized to anyone who was offended, and said that the tradition is to burn dolls of, quote, “characters or things that cause controversy” in the previous year to “begin a new year.” Get more here.

Guy Ritchie is Attempting to Get Custody of His 15-Year-Old Son Rocco From Madonna

Guy Ritchie is fighting for custody of his 15-year-old son Rocco against his ex-wife Madonna. He’s has called in lawyers to get ready for the battle. Rocco, their teen son wants to remain living in London with his father, saying his mother ‘too controlling’. Madonna seemed to respond to her former husbands actions by posting a cryptic quote on her Instagram page.

A judge in New York ordered Rocco to return to the United States by February, when he’ll attend a hearing about his living situation. Rocco is living in London with Guy, his new wife Jacqui Ainsley and their three children. He says he was ‘miserable’ about being carted around the world by his mother on her current tour, resulting in ‘full-blown fights’ between them. Get more here.




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