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Welcome to our weekly blog post, where we share the Jon and Chantel Morning Show highlights, music news, and more. This week, we have some interesting stories you don’t want to miss out on. Let’s dive in!


Chantel Needs Pity Likes

In a recent episode, Jon expressed concern for Chantel when she’s out at the club. He’s encouraging listeners to say “hi” to her, so don’t hesitate to greet her if you see her around! The episode also featured some fun facts about Barbie, including the shocking news that Barbie and Ken broke up. You can catch up on this episode here.

Chronic Dater Says What?

Chantel found herself defending Tyler, a listener who ghosted his date. This led to a discussion about chronic dating and whether Chantel might be the same type of dater. The episode also included a 2nd Date Update segment, helping listeners understand why they might have been ghosted. Find out more here.

Chantel’s Roses – Errand Boy

Running errands is usually a helpful gesture, but where is your significant other going? This episode delved into the mystery of errand-running partners. You can listen to this intriguing episode here.

2nd Date Update – Model Followers

In another 2nd Date Update, we discussed a listener who follows many models on social media. Is this a red flag or just harmless scrolling? Join the conversation here.

Remember, the Jon and Chantel Morning Show is your daily dose of fun and entertainment. We’re here to make you laugh, share our life stories, and give you the day’s trending topics. Stay tuned for more exciting content next week!

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Fan Laughs Offstage at Concert

In a hilarious turn of events, a fan was laughed offstage during a concert after attempting to perform a song. The fan, who was initially excited to be on stage, ended up providing a moment of comic relief for the audience. Read more

Investigation into Tupac’s Murder Continues ️‍♂️

The police are still investigating the murder of hip-hop legend Tupac Shakur. Despite the passage of time, the quest for justice continues, keeping the memory of Tupac alive. Read more

Netflix Ditches Cheapest Plan

Netflix has decided to discontinue its cheapest plan, leaving some subscribers unhappy. The move is seen as a strategy to increase revenue, but it remains to be seen how it will impact the streaming giant’s subscriber base. Read more

Jerry O’Connell to the Rescue! ‍♂️

Actor Jerry O’Connell came to the rescue in a recent incident, proving he’s not just a hero on screen. The actor’s quick thinking and action are commendable. Read more

Miranda Lambert’s Fans Unhappy

Miranda Lambert’s fans are not happy after the singer scolded fans for taking selfies during a solemn moment at her show. The incident has sparked a debate about concert etiquette and the use of phones during performances. Read more

Gigi Hadid Arrested in Cayman Islands

Model Gigi Hadid and a friend were arrested in the Cayman Islands after customs agents found marijuana in their luggage. The model ended up paying a fine and continued her vacation. Read more

Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner Reunite

Taylor Swift featured her ex, Taylor Lautner, in her new video for “I Can See You (Taylor’s Version).” The reunion has sparked excitement among fans. Read more

Taylor Swift’s Vinyl Mispress

In an unexpected twist, a copy of Taylor Swift’s album, Speak Now (Taylor’s Version), contained an erroneous pressing of an obscure electronica compilation. The mix-up has introduced Swifties to a new world of music. Read more

Britney Spears Hits Herself in the Face

In a bizarre incident, Britney Spears ended up hitting herself in the face while trying to get the attention of Spurs rookie Victor Wembanyama. The incident has been deemed an accident, and no charges will be filed. Read more

Billie Eilish’s New Track for Barbie Movie

Billie Eilish has unveiled a new track titled “What Was I Made For?” for the upcoming Barbie movie. The song is a collaboration with her brother, Finneas, and is a testament to the enduring popularity of the Barbie franchise. Read more

What’s Poppin’ at 92.5 The Beat?

As we continue to bring you the best of Top 40, we’re also excited to share some highlights from our partner station, 92.5 The Beat, your go-to source for all things hip-hop and R&B. This week, we’re taking a lyrical journey through some of the most captivating stories and features from The Beat. Let’s get started!

A$AP Rocky’s Lyrical Lunge at Travis Scott

In a recent news piece, The Beat delves into A$AP Rocky’s lyrical prowess as he aims at Travis Scott. The article explores Rocky’s unique style and ability to captivate audiences with his words.

Playboi Carti’s Unforgettable Influence

The Beat also deeply delves into Playboi Carti’s ‘Die Lit,’ examining its unforgettable influence on the hip-hop scene. The article discusses the album’s unique sound and how it has shaped the genre.

Key Glock’s ‘Glockoma 2 Deluxe’ Examined

In another feature, The Beat critically examines Key Glock’s ‘Glockoma 2 Deluxe’, providing an in-depth look at the Memphis rap artist’s album’s themes, lyrics, and overall impact.

Jaquinden Jackson’s Love for Football and Rapper Latto

The Beat shares an interesting story about Jaquinden Jackson, a football player who deeply loves rapper Latto. The article explores Jackson’s passion for football and music, showcasing his multifaceted personality.

Snoop Dogg’s Unusual Pet: A Roach Named Gooch

In a lighter news piece, The Beat shares a fun story about Snoop Dogg and his unusual pet, a roach named Gooch. The article provides a humorous look at the West Coast Rapper’s unique pet choice.

Lil Baby’s Hottest Tracks

The Beat also features a list of Lil Baby’s 10 hottest tracks, offering fans a curated playlist of the rapper’s best work.

Ludacris: Hip-Hop’s Boundary Buster

In a two-part feature, The Beat explores Ludacris’s impact on hip-hop, discussing his albums and best 25 tracks. The articles highlight Ludacris’s ability to push boundaries and his significant contributions to the genre.

NLE Choppa’s Chart-Topping Songs

The Beat also provides a comprehensive overview of NLE Choppa’s best songs, from his breakout hit ‘Shotta Flow’ to fan favorites like ‘Camelot’ and ‘Bryson.’

The Best of 90s Hip-Hop

Finally, The Beat takes us on a nostalgic journey back to the 90s with a list of the 20 best hip-hop songs from the era. The article explores the songs that defined a generation, from gritty narratives to unforgettable club anthems.

That’s it for this week’s roundup! Stay tuned for more updates from 92.5 The Beat, and keep vibing with us here at Mix 105.1.

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