Stupid Is, Stupid Does

A Woman Married One of the Guests at Her Wedding Because the Groom Had a Seizure

A 25-year-old guy named Jugal Kishore was supposed to marry his 23-year-old girlfriend in India recently.  But in the middle of the ceremony, he had a seizure. It turns out he’s epileptic.  And the bride was so angry that he’d never told her he was epileptic, that she ended up marrying one of the guests instead.  Right then and there. She chose her sister’s brother-in-law, he’d come to the wedding in jeans and a leather jacket for some reason.  But apparently that didn’t bother her. Meanwhile, Jugal’s family rushed him to the hospital.  But he came back later, and found out he wasn’t getting married anymore.  Which sparked a huge brawl between the two families, with people throwing plates and silverware at each other. His family also filed a complaint with the local police.  It’s not clear what the complaint was, but he eventually withdrew it after the two families came to some sort of agreement. But he’s better off, because there’s no way his girlfriend was gonna live up to the whole “for better or worse” thing. Get the full story here.

“Three-Breasted Woman” Says Her Third Breast Is Real

Jasmine Tridevil said the report about her three breasts being a prosthesis is wrong. She blamed the media, and said it’s “corrupt.” She says a fan asked for a mold of her chest, and that’s actually what the prothesis was. When she references the airport, it’s because the mold was mentioned on a lost luggage report at Tampa International Airport. She said the mold was sold to TMZ, and she could “sue the police” for giving out that information.  She has had numerous calls to categorically prove once and for all that her three breasts are real – but as yet she has refused every offer. ‘I could never consider doing a topless shoot – it’s against the way I was raised,’ she added. Get the full story here.

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